Is Nexalt is Ponzi ?

No, definitely not! After a detailed comparison of legal and Ponzi MLM, we are able to prove it. Although Nexalt is implementing MLM, it is not a Ponzi scheme. It manipulates the MLM productively, aiming to spread the benefits to a broader community. Let's check it against the evaluating points.

Product & Price:

The crypto coins are generated through mining/staking and distributed among multiple levels according to the sponsor's tree in the MLC system. The organization does not set the value of these coins; instead, it is decided publically by PoW/PoS. The users are not working for any other entity, and they do not have to sell any fake product at abnormal prices. It has the same price everywhere, and this price is decided by public consensus.


Nexalt does not bound any of its users. They can sell their XLT at a market rate. There isn't any restriction of referring someone to get their money back. Although it uses MLM, referring anyone is not a restriction for any activity in the system. Referring is appreciated only for expanding the user network and enhancing the user benefits.

Behavioral checks:

Nexalt doesn't promise an overnight change in finance or becoming rich overnight. Nexalt doesn't hide anything and presents its plans transparently without any promise of guaranteed profit to its users. It is open-source and public property because of decentralization. The market behavior depends on the general public. Nexalt aims at improving its development reputation and providing unique products in the crypto market.


Nexalt has a unique system for commissions. It does not deduct it from the miner/stacker reward. Because of this system, the miner/stacker receives the exact amount of XLT as described in the plan.