Our CEO Says

Know About CEO

Rana Muhammad Noman – an ambitious businessman and entrepreneur and tech researcher. He entered in the business world in very early age and initiate many successful ventures. His main goal is promoting more people and raise the community rather than personal success. His humble and sophisticated personality wins the hearts of people working with him.

His curious and leading nature motivated him to launch this cryptocurrency project – Nexalt. The main objective is to bring cryptocurrency in reach of common men and make it easy for them to earn it. He introduced a unique cryptocurrency system to include more and more people from every walk of life.

He is experienced blockchain developer and researcher having long work experience with blockchain technology. He worked and keenly observed the Litecoin and its technical foundations. After a working of more than five years with Litecoin, he found out areas of improvement and create Nexalt as a fork of Litecoin. He has been a part of MLM for long time and experienced its benefits and disadvantages that encouraged him to find the solution of its problems. A deep understanding and long research set foundation for a combination of blockchain technology and mass marketing i.e., MLC coin – Nexalt (XLT). He invested his experience and skills in this project and make it a masterpiece of excellence.

In Nexalt, he is aimed to include more and more people through simple processes and earn market profit for them. Secondly, educating the common people about complicated processes of mining, staking and trading of crypto coins. Nexalt is one of his large projects that are making progress by leaps and bounds. His innovation I exhibited in XLT – the combination of blockchain and mass marketing. In cryptocurrency, he introduced a new concept of Proof of Network (PoN). It means that every user joining the system should come through a referral link of any existing user. It makes the system hybrid, decentralized and well-knitted network. Rana Muhammad Noman always looks forward for innovation and productivity. In future, many innovative business ideas will hit the market on his credit.

CEO Message

We have a year’s long experience in business and market and have released many successful projects that have blowout rewards and profits to a wider community. Maintaining our tradition, we have launched Nexalt – a cryptocurrency project based on blockchain technology and mass marketing techniques.

We are aimed at extending crypto benefits to all fragments of society and providing opportunity to small investors to enter crypto market. Nexalt is for everyone and everyone is encouraged to join the decentralized network of Nexalt.

Nexalt is based of PoS so, it encourages for crypto investment through simple and profitable plans for all whether they have technical knowledge or not. We are concerned to facilitate our investors in full swing. Excellence in service to all our investors in funds and advisory services is our exclusive mission. We strive to build a well-knitted decentralized network where everyone has full control on their transactions and trades to achieve their financial goals.

Growth rate and progress of Nexalt is outclass and proves it highly recommended for investment of your time and money in Nexalt plans. All our products are observed and passed through a sharia board. Sharia board consists of leading Islamic Scholars and Fuqha. We care your investment and earnings according to Islamic teachings. We are looking forward for your active participation in Nexalt to secure your share in brilliant future.


Rana Muhammad Noman

Chief Executive Officer