About Us

About us

We are nexalt currency that helps in your growth

We believe in sharing and spreading benefits to a broader community and to achieve this goal we focus on mass marketing. Up to now, mass marketing plans have proved good for large scale organizations but not suitable for small to medium businesses. We reveal the combo power of cryptocurrency and mass marketing and exhibit it in MLC coin -XLT. It is the time to focus on developing unique and productive combos for the best use of tech and innovation. In this marketing era, the combination of blockchain technology and mass marketing sprouts out lots of opportunities for everyone who wants to be a part of this revolution.

MLC (Multi-Level Coin) is an example showing the combo power. A beautiful blend of traditional MLM and blockchain technology is named Nexalt. The complex interactions are managed efficiently by introducing Master Nodes, PoS, and Scrypt algorithm. We have limited POW blocks to limited keys because we want to convert it purely to POS model. If there is any network issue, then maybe we use POW model. Clean POS model will be released in end of 2022 and it’ll be another milestone.

Who We Are?


book-open-2 Our Aim

Nexalt aims at the use of mass marketing in decentralized blockchain technology. It leads to the projection of the MLC coin. We develop a connection between the international crypto market and consumers who are less familiar with the crypto market infrastructure and find it difficult to use cryptocurrency in their jurisdiction. We accomplish this goal by merging mass marketing with cryptocurrency in a decentralized atmosphere and incentivized our workforce with XLT coins

rocket Our Vision

Cryptocurrency is overwhelming the world and financial experts looking future of currency in it. We are ambitious to spread the benefits to a wider community and make them ready for the future financial systems based on internet and online technologies. We are creating a learned community which is familiar with and ready to use the latest monetary systems.

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“Rana Muhammad Noman – an ambitious businessman and entrepreneur and tech researcher. He entered in the business world in very early age and initiate many successful ventures. His main goal is promoting more people and raise the community rather than personal success. His humble and sophisticated personality wins the hearts of people working with him. ”

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Rana Muhammad Nouman

CEO - Founder