Nexalt is an innovative, uniquely secure and fast system of transactions. This digital currency is rightly predicted as the future of fiat money. Nexalt is based on PoS (Proof of Stack) that is the true solution for the issue faced in mining or creation of blockchain. Nexalt applies a three-layer security system against any security attack.
Private Key
Nexalt applies the highly efficient system for secure transactions. RSA algorithm is implemented for creation of public and private keys. At the first step of three layered security, RSA algorithm generates the private key for the user at backend
6 Digit Password
The 6-Digit password is the second security layer in nexalt system. On creation of private key, system demands a 6-digit password and encrypt this password in private key. This encrypted information stored in a file.
File Format
The third layer of system security is the encrypted file that is downloaded after encryption. Every time the user wants to decrypt the information uploading of this file is compulsory. After uploading this file the system starts the process of unlocking.

How it Work

Create your XLT Card
A card that can be used instead of wallet for making transactions with its advanced features that will leave the world in a trance.
Connect to XLT Bank
Cloud supported , scalable banking system will intearct with your card. ever wished! you can also create your own bank.
Send and Receive
Amazing sending and receving processes that have never been experienced before.

Nexalt Technologies

Quantum Computing
Nexalt has powerful foresight for the use of quantum computation to make the transactions super-fast and super secure. The scope of quantum computing is considered for generating Nexalt and standard security measures and quantum computing encryption techniques are implemented to
Proof of Stack
Nexalt is based on PoS that does not need any mining resources. It relies on the amount that user has in his custody. Instead of having powerful computing devices it requires the purchase of tokens. As much tokens you have as enhanced the chance to be a successful mentor. PoS technique also improves the security against the hacking attacks.
Artificial Intelligence
As we are committed to stay updated with latest technologies, Artificial Intelligence is the need of time and we are ready to implement this latest technology that making its way into all computerized systems. So, how Nexalt can overlook it? The system is quite compatible with AI.

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