Nexalt Ecosystem

Nexalt is an open-source crypto token that is a fork of Litecoin. Nexalt is an enriched version of litecoin loaded with new features. Nexalt is based on POS instead of POW while using the Scrypt algorithm. It becomes more scalable, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly by using the Proof of Stake approach.

Every block generates 59.50 Tokens to the market and is distributed as follows:

A master node earns 19.50 XLT on the successful generation of a new block. Upline validators receive 20 XLT up to 10 levels.

Proof of Network

Nexalt introduces the concept of MLC coin by merging mass marketing and blockchain technology. To make the system secure against money laundering Nexalt introduces Proof of Network. Each new user can join the system only through a sponsor link.

Multi-Level Coin

Nexalt merged MLM with blockchain technology and introduced the first-ever MLC coin. Its total supply is bounded up to 100,800,000. This network will not accept newly generated tokens without upline validators. The purpose of these upline validators is to restrict the misuse of freshly developed coins.

Master Node

Nexalt introduces the latest concept of master node. A master node in Nexalt is a server that underpins a blockchain's network. It helps to strengthen the network infrastructure and economics as well. It also assists in eliminating the 51% attack.