Cryptocurrency with the
decentralized mass marketing
plan. Be a user of Nexalt and get
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Founded in 2017

NEXALT is not a private company founded by pre-mined coins or ICO's

Usage of Litecoin Concept

Improving upon the original Bitcoin blockchain and aims to fulfil its initial purpose.


NEXALT currency makes it possible to engage in direct transactions

Founded in 2017

NEXALT is a product of 2020 and is fully functional. It is the first coin based on MLC. MLC is the idea that integrates multi-level marketing plan in a decentralized manner. It works like any other cryptocurrency; it uses sender's and receiver's public key to make a transaction successful. The only difference that every sender or receiver needs a sponsor to become eligible for using NEXALT. Any person who is existing user of NEXALT can be a sponsor; there is no specific requirement for being a sponsor. A single sponsor may have multiple users associated with it. Sponsor gets a reward when users send or mined coins. Means as many users under your sponsor as many rewards you can get.

Usage of Litecoin concept

NEXALT is a loaded version of Litecoin because we are using MLC in Litecoin for making it Nexalt. Litecoin is a matured coin and has a good market value with strong programming base. So, we decided to add MLC in Litecoin. Use of MLC makes Nexalt strong, secure, fast and reliable. And the addition of MLC makes Nexalt valuable for marketers' community. It's the first crypto asset which generates rewards for marketing it. And everything Is open-source and decentralized.

Rules of MLC (MULTI-LEVEL COIN) in Nexalt

NEXALT is introducing a unique concept of MLC crypto coins with MLM technology but not a pyramid design. NEXALT is implementing MLM with a decentralized approach. Coins are generated through mining and miners become the owners of mined coins, and a partial reward is given to the sponsors. In this system, bonuses and rewards are distributed among multiple levels, and every person at every level can work through MLM. All the workers are the actual owner, and there is no central authority to control the system or system flow. Thousands of miners are working on the coin generation and become the owners of coins.The miners use their computing power for mining and as a result, receive a reward in the form of NEXALT coins.

How it Work

We are determined to provide great experience and functionality to our users.
Everyone can start at NEXALT through simple steps.

Get Sponsor key.
Join the Network
Start mining/ build Network
Entire network will earn

XLT Advantages

Your Money

NEXALT (XLT) is decentralized money, which is implementing the MLM concept in more productive manner. It is available for all but everyone has to follow the systematic approach. Send low cost private, secure borderless payments to anyone, anytime anywhere.

Blockchain Secured

The NEXALT blockchain is one of the largest global scrypt based networks as it is cloning the Litecoin. It is operating with 100% uptime since 2017 securing and transacting billions of dollars of value.

Decentralized Finance

To make the network secure and trusted everyone needs a sponsor to join the system of latest digital money. Every existing user of NEXALT can become the sponsor for new users and maintain their network. Sign up with a referral for creating your profile and wallet to be a part of the future of finance.

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